About Palabra

About Palabranyc

Palabra was founded by Susan Boyar in Brooklyn, New York.  Susan always had a passion for clothing from design to production, but she wanted to come up with a new way to make t-shirts and basic apparel that would not do harm to the planet or people involved in the production. 


In her apartment Susan started making earth-friendly tees featuring multi-lingual words or phrases based on input from friends, family and her global community. The response was overwhelmingly positive and led to the debut of Palabra. 


All of the tees, hoodies and apparel sold by Palabra are eco-friendly and ethically sourced. Everything is made from organic cotton, hemp, bamboo or recycled PET. This ensures Palabra’s ecological footprint is kept to a bare minimum and stays true to their values .


Palabra is a group of creatives who believe in minimal design and sustainable textiles. They work hard to produce cool clothes that promote awareness and give back to our global communities. It started with words and grew into a mission.