Unleash YOUR Super Power!


What would you do if you knew you could not fail? What is your Super-Power? Everybody has a super-power that makes them individually unique. There is more to you than you know! Super powers are a strength that allows us to go above and beyond. So let your imagination run wild…if you could choose a super-power what would it be? Are you the type that would love to listen and observe to what is happening around you? Imagine having the super-power to be invisible! You can turn on your super-power anytime and be anywhere you want to be, watch whatever you want to see and most of all not be seen. Tempting isn’t it? Or would you prefer to skip all the noise and just fly away? How about a pair of super-wings to help you escape and travel to all the places you dream of going? Envision calling upon your super-wings and flying away anytime you like and going anywhere in the world! Lastly, do you have the super-power of the magic touch? You have been blessed with the super-power to heal the world. Anything or anyone you touch will be healed.  As you can see, super-powers are limitless just like you!


So now, Palabra has taken it a step further and created earth friendly women’s Super-Power tees. Yes that is correct, just put one on and your super-power will be activated. Well, not exactly but you will be reminded that you do have a super-power. The creativity of your super-powers is filled in your imagination to create. Just like Palabra means your word, you can create your word for your super-power. Rest assured that you will be wearing quality from our eco-friendly brand. This fabulous comfortable shirt is made from sustainable textile that does not hurt the planet or the people who produce them. The top is made from RPET (recycled plastic bottles) and soft organic cotton. In addition to the array of trendy vegan shirts, Palabra believes in giving back. For every item that is purchased, Palabra will buy a book to be donated to our global education and literacy partner, Chipsa project. This way everyone has a chance to find their super-power.