The Simple Life! #puravida

Take a journey inside Pura Vida. Pura Vida means a simple life or pure life, and is the basic foundation of Palabra clothing brand.  Palabra is a group of eco-friendly, environmentally conscious, and socially responsible creatives who believe in minimal design and sustainable textiles.  We choose minimal designs because less is more here at Palabra where we let our phrases speak for themselves.

 Our ethically sourced fashion tees and eco-friendly bags convey statements such as courage, perhaps, verdad, self-love, super-powers, curious, and cuida la tierra. These simple messages work to show how we think and feel. As we celebrate the planet this April, it is important to take care of the land, sea and our air while spreading awareness about making conscious decisions to protect our planet and communities.

 Palabra is more than a premium clothing brand. We really do try to practice Pura Vida and our goal is to make effective change in protecting the planet by using our brand as a platform to inform and spread the word. Each of our vegan cool t-shirts and uni-sex bags are made from organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, and recycled plastic bottles. The power of Palabra goes a long way as we execute Pura Vida.  In using sustainable textiles and keeping our designs simple, we do our part to protect the planet and create super-soft, durable, and comfortable quality clothing.

At times the simple life is difficult to achieve as we are constantly told that “more” brings happiness and success, but simplicity is best. When we need a break from daily digital overloads we can explore our beautiful planet’s tranquility, beauty and stillness. Natural beauty in its simplest form can be found in our own backyards, and nearby parks, and beaches. Spend a few moments looking up at the sky, watching the waves on the beach or hiking through forests and canyons. The result will be pure inspiration and simple relaxation.  That is Pura Vida