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The Simple Life! #puravida

Take a journey inside Pura Vida. Pura Vida means a simple life or pure life, and is the basic foundation of Palabra clothing brand.  Palabra is a group of eco-friendly, environmentally conscious, and socially responsible creatives who believe in minimal design and sustainable textiles.  We choose minimal designs because less is more here at Palabra where we let our phrases speak for themselves.  Our ethically sourced fashion tees and eco-friendly bags convey statements such as courage, perhaps, verdad, self-love, super-powers, curious, and cuida la tierra. These simple messages work to show how we think and feel. As we celebrate the planet this April, it is important to take care of the land, sea and our air while spreading awareness about...

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Got Verdad?

     Perhaps one of my most favorite quotes by Mark Twain is the following, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”  This is what we are talking about this month at Palabra, verdad.       Verdad means true and it is more than a word, it is a state of being. Here at Palabra, we have extremely comfortable organic cotton crop tops sharing the message of Verdad and although these stylish vegan-cool shirts look and feel great on, we want to explore Verdad.  It’s easy to understand a word but how about practicing the meaning? The truth is actually very simple but when we add layers to it, then we create it to be complicated. So how...

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Courage_Wear the Change!

        Palabra celebrates the month of March by honoring International Women’s Day and appreciating the courageous women that have come forward and contributed to the change that we feel in our communities today. What is courage? Courage is not being afraid to stand alone, courage is speaking up and breaking the silence, courage is taking action. When a person is courageous they create a conscious movement.  When we look back at history, Rosa Parks was an African-American woman who challenged the race segregation by not giving up her seat on the bus. Her courage to not give up her seat created a protest that was supported by many African-Americans.  This prejudice sparked the civil rights movement which eventually...

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