Happy Valentine's Day! #selflove

       Palabra celebrates February with spreading the joy and importance of self-love. As the enlightened Buddha once said, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Self –love is vital because it is about accepting your-self, all of you. When you learn to love yourself unconditionally then you don’t fear judgment or approval from others. There is a confidence that grows from within and allows you to be filled with love. Many times we look to others for love or give our love without giving enough to ourselves. One of two things can happen, you give love that you don’t have for yourself and end up feeling drained or you seek the approval of love from someone else, and therefore never being fulfilled because your consumption of love is based on another’s capacity to give love. Remember, you can only pour water into another glass when you have enough water in your own glass to give.


    Palabra has created self -love eco-friendly tees and bags as an affirmation to remind us of the importance of loving ourselves and sharing the message in our communities. Dr. Wayne Dyer a famous author and teacher wrote a wonderful book, Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life.  Reminding oneself of our great potential, strengths and ability to love allows us to bring positive change in our life, communities, and planet. Why not feed yourself with a great message and radiate that vibration to all who may come in contact with you? We select our thoughts and clothes every day, so why not choose something that has both a positive message and is a comfortable item that feels good to wear. Palabra’s statement tees and bags allow you to share your thoughts and words with others on the street, at school or work.  They can start the conversation or reinforce your thoughts as you travel through your day and night. Take the time during this month to remember your first true love, YOU!

      Palabra self-love tees are made of organic cotton and RPET (recycled plastic bottles) and our eco-bags are made from 100% organic cotton. They are cool for you and our planet!