Got Verdad?

     Perhaps one of my most favorite quotes by Mark Twain is the following, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”  This is what we are talking about this month at Palabra, verdad.       Verdad means true and it is more than a word, it is a state of being. Here at Palabra, we have extremely comfortable organic cotton crop tops sharing the message of Verdad and although these stylish vegan-cool shirts look and feel great on, we want to explore Verdad.  It’s easy to understand a word but how about practicing the meaning? The truth is actually very simple but when we add layers to it, then we create it to be complicated. So how do you know that you are being true to you? I think it goes back to simplicity, our emotions (the way we feel about something) is truly our only gage to how we really feel. For example, you can lie to yourself about being in a relationship that you are unhappy in and it wouldn’t matter how many times you told yourself that you are fine, eventually your light will dim.  We are creatures of habit and whether we practice something positive or negative, that habit begins to build on itself. Therefor one must be conscious to how they are feeling, what they are giving their attention too, and where their source of information is coming from.

      At Palabra, the message that we give to our community matters to us. We honor our commitment and our verdad to our brand. We select our words carefully to help consumers feel empowered. We care about our community, our planet, and giving back. Our team is valued and we use sustainable textile, quality organic cotton, and durable bamboo to create our fabulous tees and eco bags. We have an array of items to choose from. We are a brand that gives back! From using recycled plastic bottles for our shirts to purchasing books for our literacy program, we value minimal design with maximum effectiveness. When you wear your verdad, we hope that you feel your true-ness and your verdad shines bright.